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The artwork we offer is gallery quality. You buy direct from the artist – myself – and thus I offer highly exceptional pricing. Most of my buyers acquire Fine Art Metal Prints to decorate their office or home walls with world-class art. It is by far the best photographic medium for value, investment and display. The vibrancy and dimensionality of our metal prints rivals any photographic products available and exceeds the quality of traditional paper or canvas prints. We produce some of the
highest quality wall art available on the market. Details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the image with the prints thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with metallic particles. We can produce metallic prints up to a 30×40 size.
Our Online Gallery sells museum quality prints for homes, offices, and places of business and leisure.
We use encryption via PayPal to protect sensitive information transmitted online. We’re relatively new in the photographic world and have sold only a handful of prints to date, but we are well-studied photographers and our work reflects our tastes and our expertise.

Most twentieth-century fine art black-and-white photographs are gelatin silver prints, in which the image consists of silver metal particles suspended in a gelatin layer. Gelatin silver papers are commercially manufactured by applying an emulsion of light-sensitive silver salts in gelatin to a sheet of paper coated with a layer of baryta, a white pigment mixed with gelatin. The sensitized paper is exposed to light through a negative and then developed out—that is, made visible in a chemical reducing solution. The advantage to gelatin silver is the broad tonal range that can be achieved with this process. We offer these prints for your black and white selctions. Advantages include:

  • Prints have a consistent and neutral image tone (no color cast).
  • Strong black colors with detailed highlights.
  • Bright white base for stunning black and white photographs.
  • Pricing on Silver Gelatin prints starts as low as $150.


We have a simple way for you to see how your chosen fine art photograph will appear in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office. Just take a smartphone photograph of your wall where you want it to appear, and email it to me. I’ll show you precisely how my art will appear. Here are instructions:

Tape a 8 ½ by 11 inch piece of white paper to your wall where you want the art to appear. Preferably take a daytime picture in good light, with minimal flash. Then email me the JPEG photo. I’ll place your desired artwork, a draft of how it will look, in a photograph and email it back to you. Once you review and order, you’ll receive it in about two weeks!

JUST EMAIL ME AT MY EMAIL ADDRESS ON MY CONTACT PAGE FOR A QUOTE OR TO START A CONVERSATION. We operate with PayPal, the industry standard for encryption and protection. PayPal allows payments by all major credit cards.



If you’re interested in ordering a print of one our photographs, please read on. Technology provides these prints with a useful life of 100 to 200 years.

In the past, when film was the medium, you could see loss of clarity and color after only twenty to thirty years.

Our premium archival inks produce images with rich colors.

Prints are made with care on your choice of our exquisite Fine Art Papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer.


• Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120Yrs

• Incredible 3D Depth & Dimensionality

• Unsurpassed Detail & Ability to Hold Highlights

• Superior Shadow Luminosity & Detail


You can choose your favorite photograph – as a Print, or on Canvas or with the Grand Gallery Wrap (the latter requires no frame).  My personal favorites are metallic prints infused on aluminum, priced at the bottom of this page. These are high impact, bold and vibrant gallery-style pieces.

We follow archival museum standards.

I place an explanation of the background of each photo with your purchase into a Certificate of Authenticity.  All unique aspects of the photograph are detailed.

My work is unique – I take photos and create masterpieces using what nature provides.


Please review the ordering options below and send me an email with your preferences, and the photographs you would like.  I’ll respond with an exact quote, an invoice, and then we’ll produce and ship the artwork.

1. Fine Art Prints Only

“A work of art arises from the perfect balance between the conceivable and the inconceivable. The motive, the photographer, the moment and the material merge into something unique.” – Andrzej Dragan

These prints, if properly mounted and framed will last generations and make a solid investment to pass down from one generation to another. You can order the print only and then afterwards at your convenience and according to your tastes you can decide how you want it mounted and framed at your own local town’s frame shop. The prices we list are for a single unframed, unmatted print. Then you have afterwards complete creative control over its framing & presentation.

Our prints are the pinnacle of artistic printing, made from high-end 100% archival Hahnemuhle fine art papers.

11 x 14 – Custom Print – $150

16 x 20 – Artist Print – $200

30 x 40 – High Impact Print – $525

If you only order a print – remember that prints, for reasons of both aesthetics and durability, need to be elaborately mounted and framed, with backing such as Gator Board behind it and matte and glass in front of it. If you only order a print you can go to a local framing shop and have them handle this according to your tastes. This is often a preference of clients.

2. Canvas – Grand Gallery Wrap

  • This is an awesome canvas that is gallery quality. Digital photos printed on canvas and then gallery wrapped have a vibrant 3-D feel and have the look of a piece of work taken straight from a gallery or museum.
  • Ready to hang, frame-free, the moment you unpack.
  • Mounted on heavy-duty, 1.5” deep, solid wood stretcher bars.
  • Durable printed surface features UV protection, waterproofing, and abrasion resistance.
  • 16×20 – $425. or a 30×40 for $750.

Canvas can be mounted on a wall with a simple frame around its edges, or even be hung with no frame at all. Frameless photography can look as nice as a framed piece of art. Canvas prints are based on advanced inkjet printing and they look almost like an original painting. Because of nature of canvas, every canvas print has a textured look which reflects less light and as a result, you enjoy a glare-free view similar to that of an original painting. A color canvas provides a soft and perfect look.

3. Fine art aluminum pieces are a new practice and a new medium, which have dyes infused onto a white coated aluminum surface.


16×20       $395.

24×24       $560.

24×36       $795.

30×40       $995.

Luminescent colors are created. These metallic prints will light up your living rooms with a magnificent light. Xenon Light Stability Testing has shown that HD Metal Prints last 2-4 times longer than traditional photo based silver papers.
Printing your photos on metal (usually aluminum or acrylic) is a modern way to display artwork without the necessity of framing it.

Dye Sublimation is where we print your image onto a transfer paper with “dye” inks then “sublimate” into the aluminum sheet with heat and pressure. This process bonds the ink with the aluminum.

Advantages – Ink is infused into the aluminum, making your image scratch and water resistant. Metal Prints look great all by themselves.  They do not need frames or matting or anything really.  

To order a 16×20 Metallic Print, follow the Order Button below. Also email me a description of the title of the print you want to: mysterywriter7777@outlook.com. For all other orders, just email me particulars and I’ll get back with you with price points.

Make sure that you never place your prints on a wall that receives direct sunlight. Even with the UV protection built into fine art, sunlight contains infrared radiation which will damage and fade your print. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs and never use fluorescent lighting. These bulbs emit a lot of ultraviolet light which can fade the print, and the color of the light distorts the natural colors – LED light is recommended. Now when you clean a canvas art print, you can simply use a light damp cloth or an artist brush to remove the dirt from the surface. Once cleaned, you can even dry the canvas in sunlight. A metal print is UV resistant and can be displayed virtually anywhere – indoors, outdoors, or in dry or humid environments – without worry of fading or damage.