As a Real Estate Photographer in Cape Coral, I can provide amazing listing photographs for homes, as well as luxury real estate. Here are some sample photographs of homes and acreage, and a twilight photograph below. Serving SW Florida including Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, Marco Island, Cape Coral, Captiva and Sanibel.

We produce interior, exterior and twilight photography for realtors and Brokers from Ft. Myers to Naples. I use Lightroom CC to develop or edit my photographs for maximum effect.

Today’s home buyers do their house hunting online, so your images are the first impression a buyer has of not only the listing, but of the Real Estate agent who posted them.

According to a study done by Redfin, listings shot with great photography receive 61% more online views than their competitor listings. More online views lead to more interested buyers.

It is reported that 95% of online shoppers first see your listing’s front exterior photo, and they study it an average of 20 seconds before moving on to the other photos.

Professional photos can also be used on social media sites to gain referrals and attract further interest.

Most buyers tend to buy based on emotion.  Logic is used for price ranges and locations, but from that point, the consumer will rely on their first impressions.

Reality – you can’t shoot real estate with a point-and-shoot (non-interchangeable lens) camera. A DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses is a necessity.  Quality is preeminent here.  A wide-angle lens is the necessary gear for real estate photography.

A Redfin study has shown that DSLR photography increases the sale price of homes above $200,000 by between $3,400 and $11,200.

A property is officially “For Sale” when a real estate agent, who is a member of the MLS, writes descriptive text and uploads photos of a property to the local MLS website. The text and photos are then propagated to nationwide and global real estate websites.

Once your photographs are out there, they are out there.  Whether they have proper highlights, shadows, exposure, clarity, white balance, vibrance and noise (ISO) reduction is unchangeable once they are posted.

28mm full-frame or 18mm (APS-C) is one of the most popular focal lengths for landscape and real estate photography because it encompasses a relatively wide angle of view (75 degrees) without introducing characteristic distortions. It’s the 28mm and the 24mm that are often used for architectural photography. However, for interiors with a level horizon 24mm (15mm) is a popular focal length.

Fees: $125 for 25 photographs, houses under 3,000 square feet & if needed, $99 for a set of twilight photographs. Over 3,000 square feet $190 for 35 photographs. Over 4,000 square feet I’ll provide a quote.


These are all the more reasons to ensure any high-end listing is properly and professionally photographed.  Contact us for an estimate depending on the property’s particulars. My email: